The Dinning Room

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The Dinning Room





Dinning Room










When we first looked at buying this house, I asked “where will the 12′ dinning table fit?”. But you win some, you lose some with purchasing your first house, and we decided that the house was worth not having space for that mammoth table that I can’t wait to build…one day;)

But I still wanted to max out our little 7′ x 9′ dinning room. The biggest goal was to fit as many people around the table as possible while still feeling comfortable for just the two of us (now three) on an every day basis.










Two very long upholstered benches, a custom sized table, and a few chairs is how we got to our current record: seven adults for a thanksgiving dinner. That’s not bad for this tiny room!










This arrangement did not leave room for a standard high chair, so we got a clip on high chair, and we LOVE it. We take it everywhere with us, restaurants, friend houses, picnics. Clamp it on and its’ set. Because it fastens directly to the table top, there is less space for him to drop food and toys. (he still throws them though, it can’t solve that!)











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  1. It’s awesome! Very classy, beautiful and resourceful! You’re the best Shauna!

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