Glider Rocking Chair

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Glider Rocking Chair

It’s  baby room decorating  time! We are getting so close to meeting this little one, and I am in that full on “nesting phase” people always talk about. I have a strong urge to organize most rooms of the house, and to spray everything with a can of Lysol… Sound about right?


When I began to come up with a design plan for this nursery, I wrote a list of the  “non-changeable” items of the room. These included the wall color (because I had just painted it and I still liked the color surprise: grey and cream!) and the crib (it was given to us and it felt like too much work to paint all the little slats)


Some other things that were given to use was a dresser/side table, and a glider rocker. Now these items I was free to alter any way I wanted. I began with the typical Wing Back Glider rocking chair:



Glider Rocker: Before










My main goal was to keep the comfort of the glider rocker, but make it look like, well, not a glider rocker.  I began poking around Pintrest for some inspiration (how most projects begin) and all the tutorials I found  were pretty heavy on the sewing skills required. I am not a seamstress.  I’ve  tried to learn, and it just doesn’t seem to click with me.  So I came up with a no-sew plan for this glider rocker. I picked out a slip cover from IKEA that  I like and I decided that  I would make the chair fit the slip cover, instead of making a slip cover to fit the chair…what could possibly go wrong?!

Iphone Pics June 30th 2015 730









Once I had both the chair and the slip cover in the work shop, it was a constant time of trial and error to fit the chair to the slip cover.  I would put the slip cover on, then remove some of the frame of the chair. I did this over and over until it “fit”.

Iphone Pics June 30th 2015 719 Iphone Pics June 30th 2015 718











At this point I had only removed parts of the chair, it now needed LOTS of altering to fill out the slip cover.

The first thing to add was the length to the arms and the shape of the base needed to be boxier. I did this by using 1×4″s and 1 1/4″ wood screws. I measured the length of the slip cover arms, and cut the wood to fit.

Iphone Pics June 30th 2015 724 Iphone Pics June 30th 2015 729











Now it was time to move on to the padding. I had a big bag of random sizes and thicknesses’ of foam leftover from previous projects. I started by stapling foam and bating to the arms and worked my way towards the center of the chair.

I ended up using all new foam for the back rest because I needed to it lay flatter than the original back cushion did.

Iphone Pics June 30th 2015 742










I was able to use the original seat cushion by cutting it to fit the slip cover.  Just trace the slip cover onto the foam, and use a utility knife/scissors/jig saw to cut it.

Iphone Pics June 30th 2015 725 Iphone Pics June 30th 2015 726










Once I had the chair comfortable again with all the new foam, I covered everything in bating to keep it secure and smooth out all the cracks. Another bonus of the bating is that it keeps all the foam/stuffing in place for when you want to remove the slip cover to throw it in the washing machine…. because word on the street is that babies are a little messy.


Iphone Pics June 30th 2015 727 Iphone Pics June 30th 2015 743 Iphone Pics June 30th 2015 745


















Then the final fitting and adjustments were made to fill out any corners and make it look fuller. I’ll be the first to admit that it’s not a perfect fit of a slip cover, but its supper comfortable and was the look I was going for while still being able to glide! I am looking forward to spending lots of time in this chair rocking our little one:)

Glider Rocker: After




before and After glider Rocker sized


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